The Big Dig

Man vs. Nature

As a quick update to an earlier post, it appears that a group has been formed to do battle against the dune that is overtaking the STAR WARS movie set in southern Tunisia. According to their website,, they are part of the Tunisian association CDTOS (Tourism Chamber for the Oasis and Sahara regions) and yet also have involvement on the citizen and international levels as well. They started by soliciting donations and are now in the process of moving sand from the set.  You can see quite a few in-progress photos on their news page and follow some of the press articles about them as well - though you might need to read French (or at least know how to use google's translate engine).

"Tea In The Sahara," 2000 October 27, near Mos Espa and Onk Jamel, Chott Chtihatt Sghat, Tunisia