CRAN - The Custom Residential Architects' Network

CRAN is the custom residential architects network, a knowledge community of the American Institute of Architects. The short videos linked below cover common professional aspects of residential architects and architecture.

1. THE ARCHITECT'S EDUCATION - The architect is much more than a draftsperson. Find out what an architect does and how they can make your home project a success. Brought to you by CRAN, the custom residential architects network. A knowledge community of the American Institute of Architects.

2. WHO NEEDS AN ARCHITECT? -  Architects work on projects of all sizes and complexity. They add value from design and construction to the resale of your home. Who needs an architect? You do. You can't afford not to hire one. Brought to you by CRAN, the custom residential architects network.

3. HOW TO CHOOSE AN ARCHITECT FOR YOUR PROJECT - Licensed architects are specialists. Part of becoming one is to understand a multitude of details, products, and technologies within a specific field of design. This only happens with years of experience and continuing education. In order to find the right residential architect you've got to ask the right questions.

4. THE CLIENT'S ROLE FOR A SUCCESSFUL RESIDENTIAL PROJECT - One of the most important ingredients for a successful design process and construction project is YOU, the client. Once the team of talented Architects and designers is assembled, many aspects of the project will ultimately reflect the client's vision. These include aesthetics, function, budget and schedule.

5. WHAT SHOULD YOUR HOUSE LOOK LIKE? - Up until relatively recent times, this question would not have entered people's minds; that's because for most, there weren't many options. Throughout history, the average person's house was built to provide basic protection from the elements, using readily available materials and construction methods.

7. THE ARCHITECT AS CONDUCTOR - Construction is complicated. It requires many people to take an idea from concept to reality: a client with means and vision, an architect with the creativity to interpret and give form to that vision, and a builder with the skills to build it.

6. THE OWNER | ARCHITECT CONTRACT - Before commencing work with your Architect, it's important to establish a Contract. There is no one-size-fits-all contract, but there are several important bases to cover AND pitfalls to avoid. A good place to start is with an AIA Contract.

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