2005  :  Smolich Nissan, Bend, Oregon

Completed while employed at Thomas Deatherage Architect, A.I.A. 

In 2003, Jim Smolich Motors approached TDA to design a new facility for the exclusive sales and service of Nissan vehicles. A major component of the building was that it would follow the corporate identity standards set forth by Nissan. Tom and I worked with a Nissan design liaison to incorporate as many of the branding elements from their corporate prototype as possible. Where the City of Bend objected to individual design elements, TDA assumed the lead on the design of new elements that would satisfy the City of Bend and Nissan, as well as the owner, Jim Smolich Motors. The resulting building opened in early 2005 and has been a successful addition to the Jim Smolich Motors family of dealerships as well as one of the most successful dealerships on Bend's automotive mile.

Building statistics:

  • Client: Jim Smolich Motors

  • Contractor: Degree Builders & Contractors, Inc.

  • Construction Budget: undisclosed

  • Use: automotive sales & service

  • Square Footage: 13,026 s.f.
    * Main Level: 11,591 s.f.
    * Upper Level (storage): 1,435 s.f.