WTF with Marc Maron & Mike Myers

As you might have guessed from recent posts, I find and draw inspiration from various sources. A lot of which at first glance might be considered "non architectural." This is one of those.

I just finished listening to Episode 218 of Marc Maron's WTF podcast. For those who are unaware of him, Marc is an established comedian who also happens to be one of the most prominent podcasters around. Typically, he'll put up two podcasts a week on his website. More often than not, each one is a sit-down conversation with a celebrity guest of his choosing that he is genuinely curious about. This time it was Mike Myers.

During the course of the hour and a half conversation, they covered Mike's upbringing in Canada, his time on Saturday Night Live, and his successful transition to movies (Wayne's World, Austin Powers, Shrek, etc.). Those are interesting topics, but I found other parts of the conversation to be even more fascinating. For example, Mike has very strong and eloquent feelings on comedy, depression, protecting ideas, and safeguarding those who have them. He also talks at length about creativity and finding inspiration.

It's a rather good interview/conversation - much more interesting and engaging than what you would typically find on a late night talk show appearance. It is also more relatable to architecture than you might guess from the title. In fact, I would say that it's directly relatable to my creative process.

Give it a listen.  It can be found at this address: